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What will my new driveway look like?


Your new driveway will appear smooth and in a dark black color. You may notice some of the aggregate or stone in the mix and may see a seam where the paving machine made multiple passes. This is considered to be normal and expected.


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  • Do not drive on your driveway for at least 7-10 days. Depending on the time of year that your job is completed, driveways may take 6-12 months to harden and cure.

  • In hot weather asphalt softens so don’t place pointed objects such as kickstands, ladders, chairs, high heels, etc. on your driveway as they will create an indentation.

  • Tires may also leave “scuff” marks for the first year or so. You can prevent this by not moving the steering wheel from side to side in a parked car.

  • Don’t park your vehicle in the same spot all the time.

  • You should avoid any constant drips of fluids such as oil, transmission fluid and gas as they will eat through the asphalt unless it has been protected by seal coating.

  • You should avoid driving your car over the edge as it is the weakest part of the driveway. Putting topsoil up to the edge of the driveway will help prevent washouts and cracking of the asphalt.  


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When can I seal coat my driveway?


Your driveway may be seal coated 2-3 years from job completion. It is advised to not apply the seal coat too thickly and too often as a buildup of sealer may split and crack. 3-5 years between seal coats is best.


How long can I expect my driveway to last?


Depending on your soil condition, usage and movement from seasonal freezing and thawing, your new driveway should last approximately 20 years.

How do I care for my new driveway?